I Have Some Notes

Star Trek: First Contact

July 22, 2018

As you may have noticed, we're big on Star Trek around here and, as you might expect, we have notes for some of the more questionable Trek films. The Next Generation films in particular form a quartet of mediocre films that partially inspired the creation of this very movie fixing podcast. You might recall Star Trek: Generations was our second episode.

Today we continue our effort to repair the TNG filmography. Because we're such nerds of Trek we have a plethora of fixes for this one. We dreamt up no less than four pitches for a new version of First Contact. Some involve the Borg, some don't, others even involve the insertion of another Starfleet captain.

Joining us on the show is noted Trek trivia winner Evan Adnams who learned to dislike First Contact more and more as the podcast went along.

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