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Side Notes - The Price is Rotten Results

October 12, 2018

Back in May we played a game attempting to predict the Rotten Tomatoes scored would be for each 2018 summer movies. We played The Price is Right rules, so who ever was closest without going over took the point.

All the contestants are back – Colin, Gregg, Scott and Liam Creswick* – to tally up their points and see who best predicted the quality of this year's summer blockbusters. See all the results and follow along with this handy-dandy spread sheet (visit ihavesomenotes.com if you can't use the link in your podcatcher).

Weirdly in the episode we kept calling the prediction episode "The Price is Wrong" instead of "Rotten", but I now realize we should have called it "The Price is Ripe" which would've been aces.

*The part of Liam Creswick will be played by Danielle Newman

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