I Have Some Notes

Side Notes - Summer Movie Wrap Up

August 28, 2016

As promised, we'll be publishing some sub-episodes this summer while we're on break. We're calling these little podcast diversions Sides Notes. This episode Colin & Gregg chat about the summer that was in movies, what they enjoyed, what they didn't and what they're looking forward to in what's left of the movie calendar. Gregg expresses his love for disaster movies, his appreciation for things named Cloverfield and his complicated relationship with Ghostbuster 2016. Colin enlightens us on the Divergent series, explains how he came to watch Batman v Superman twice, and looks forward to a movie with no name. Send us your thoughts on the summer of 2016 and what you're looking forward to this fall. @ihavesomenotes on Twitter & Instagram, ihavesomenotes on Facebook.

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