I Have Some Notes

Rotten Tomator Prognosticator Finale

October 2, 2019

You may remember, back in March, we started a friendly wager amongst our fellow podcasters to see who could best predict the quality of 2019's summer blockbusters. "March?!" I can hear you say, "I barely remember what episode of Voyager I watched last night." Fair enough, let's remind you of the rules, the prize and who participated.

Each contestant guessed the Rotten Tomatoes ratings for an agreed upon list of summer blockbuster movies. Scores were determined by the difference between the guess and the final score of each movie.

For example, I guessed Avengers: Endgame would land at 84% and its actual Rotten Tomatoes rating was 94%, so my score was 10.

Today we tally all the scores to find out who amongst fellow podcasters from the PS2J Show, Flicks X-rayed, Modern Manhood, Emily Missed Out and Repodcasting podcasts. The person with the lowest total win and gets to select a movie the losers must watch and either live Tweet, or record an episode on. 

I'm burying the lead here, but we've two special guests turned up for the Rotten Tomator Prognosticator Finale. Our beloved former Colin is back (already!) to talk about why he guessed so bad. We also have Tony from the Flicks X-rayed podcast, the lone non-I Have Some Notes member. Hmmm…wonder why he would be here. Welp, guess you'll have to listen to find out!

You can see all the final score RIGHT HERE!

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