I Have Some Notes

Mortal Kombat

November 27, 2016

MORTAL KOMBAT!! If you were a 90s kid who grew up on a steady video game diet of fighters you will immediately have the MK techno theme song blaring in you head hearing those words. Yup, this month we take on what is probably still one of the best video game movies ever made, sadly the bar has never been lifted very high. We have an all cartoonist panel this month. Edmonton cartoonist extraordinaire Chad Huculak, author of the brilliant End of the Earth, and Jeremy Die, the other half of the Inglorious Hipsters duo, join Colin & Gregg in an attempt to fix a movie that was hardly a flawless victory. The four brawl over how many Mortal Kombat games there were; ponder the 90s obsession with industrial rock concerts; marvel at the film's slow, podding martial arts; and wonder if Goro has been mothballed in a Planet Hollywood storage room somewhere. http://www.ihavesomenotes.com/

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