I Have Some Notes


September 10, 2017

The wait is over. I Have Some Notes is back for its 3rd season of movie improving and we're returning with a series of firsts for the show. The first first is our first Bond film: Moonraker. Yes, the Bond movie that never heard the phrase "less is more." Italian murder caskets? Sure. Super boats? Two please. Space? You bet your ass! Second on the list of firsts is no Colin. Mr. MacIntyre is off being a new daddy and will miss a few episodes, but the talented Scott C. Bourgeois has volunteered to sit in his chair and keep it warm. The last, but probably most important first is that this is our first episode as a member of the Alberta Podcast Network powered by ATB Financial. We're stoked to be joining the Network and its fleet of amazing shows sailing through the digital airwaves. Big thanks to Karen Unland for all her hard work putting the network together and helping to make our passion project more sustainable. Alright, enough preamble. Please join Scott, Gregg, Anita and the hilarious Liam Creswick in fixing James Bond: The Moonrakening!

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