I Have Some Notes

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

August 16, 2016

It's our season finale! And what a doozy we have as we crunch the numbers and calculate how best to correct the 4th Indiana Jones film. Yes, the one with aliens. It's like Close Encounters of Third Kind and George Lucas had a baby, and Steven Spielberg was left to raise the child on his own. Our guests for the season wrap-up are two noted nerds, comic store owners Danica LeBlanc and Brandon Schatz from Variant Edition. Together we try to solve the essential question…why are there gophers in this movie? Well, that and a few other questions, mostly surrounding what the heck anyone was doing ever. Also, Gregg spends a great deal of time defending Shia LaBeouf. Huge thanks to everyone who made our first season a success! Thanks so much for listening, we'll see you again in the fall.

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