I Have Some Notes

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call

October 27, 2018

Reboots. The internet loves 'em. Especially when the reboot makes changes to the source material. Everyone says collectively "hmm…that's a really interest choice, I am looking forward so seeing that." Then we go see the movie and afterwards everyone has a pleasant, polite conversion about whether they liked it or not. Yup, that's the internet we know and love.

As you know, a couple years back Sony gave Paul Feig the Ghostbusters franchise to play with and he said "all the Ghostbusters are women now" and the internet said "oh, neat!" and we never spoke of it again…until now.

If the level of sarcasm in this post were a Twinkie it would be thirty-five feet long and weigh approximately six-hundred pounds. That's a big Twinkie. On with the show!

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