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100 Movie Fixes! Batman

May 8, 2022

We have officially fixed 100 movies, and still no calls from any Hollywood execs. This is a free service we're providing here, you'd think they'd at least reach out and say "thank you", especially on our 100th movie birthday.

One person we would like to thank is Colin MacIntyre, this show's original host, for returning for this momentous occasion. Believe me, it isn't easy watching mediocre movie after mediocre movie and to hit the century mark really feels Herculean to us, and Colin was a big part of that. 

Listen to us flex our muscles 100th time as we take on an absolute classic in BATMAN (1989). I realize I just talked a big game about watching mediocre movies being rough, and no, Batman is not one of those. Give us a break, we wanted to watch something good for our centennial.

But before you do we just want to say thank you so much for listening. Whether you're a diehard listener from the beginning or listening to us for the very first time, we appreciate every one of you. Thank you!

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